The Wellness Log

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A Personal Trainer in your pocket!

Leave no room for guessing. Meal by meal, workout by workout.

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The Wellness Log

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What sets The Wellness Log apart?

The Wellness Log is a wholesome workout and nutrition program that is custom tailored to each individual. The log is built around your personal preferences, body stats, lifestyle and goals and provides you with a detailed step-by-step guide to reach them.

Packed Ready

Database of hundreds of exclusive exercises and recipes that we use to develop our very own customized programs.

Built by hand

Your program will be designed from scratch by your trainer and nutritionist, to guarantee that it's built for your specifications, needs and preferences.


Your program will be delivered in a state of the art interface built to help you monitor, follow and stick to your plan!


Because it's designed for you, your program will be the most effective use of your time towards your goals. No more guessing or hoping. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

How it works

The Wellness Log is all about you, making your life better and easier. We've simplified the process to get going with your new program as fast as possible here's what you need to do.

Fill out your detailed application

This is where we find out all about you. What you like to eat, what are your working hours, what’s your body type and most importantly what are your goals.

Complete your order

Finalize your payment method, you can choose to pay by credit card online, or via cash on delivery (available in selected countries).

Program Building

Our trainers and nutritionists will start working on your program as soon as your payment is finalized, building it from scratch to your body type, goals and preferences.


That’s it! Your program should be ready within 4-5 working days and you’ll be ready to start your epic journey, with us right there by your side!


We have price packages and programs for every kind of need.
We pride ourselves on giving you unparalleled quality, while still catering to your needs and preferences, so that you get a program that is truly ideal for you! No more need for Diet Doctors, or Personal Trainers! You’ll have them both in your pocket.

  • Nutrition Program
  • $69
  • 2 Month
  • 100% Customized
  • 24/7 Free Support
  • Full Program + Hard Copy
  • $130
  • 2 Months day by day
  • Workout & Nutrition
  • 100% Customized
  • 24/7 Free Support
  • Your own custom Hard Copy

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